Tax Preparation Services

Dreading Preparing Your Taxes Year After Year?

Let an expert like myself help you file your income 1040 tax return today. I offer the best tax preparation service in the Chicago area.

Like the old saying goes,”In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Yes, taxes are something that will never go away and it’s always something people don’t look forward to or want to deal with.  But that is why I’m here to help.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that peace of mind once tax season begins? My clients always come back to me because they know they are getting every possible deduction that is legally entitled to them and also because the service they receive is outstanding.

It’s almost impossible for someone to keep up with the the tax law year after year. Please don’t prepare your own tax returns if you are not aware of the major tax law changes that happen every year. You could be missing out on many deductions which could cost you hundreds of dollars.

There are many rules regarding your tax return. A few of them are:

Filing Status

Head of Household or Single?


Lifetime Learning Credit or American Opportunity Credit?


Should you Itemize or take the Standard Deduction?

I can answer all these questions for you regarding your unique situation.

Small Business Tax Returns

I will help you prepare the following tax returns for your small business:

  • 1040 Schedule C for Sole Proprietorship or LLC
  • 1120 for C-Corporation
  • 1120s for S-Corp
  • 1065 for Partnership

Have you looked at your small business tax return and then became overwhelmed? Small Business tax returns are really complex. Don’t worry, I will help.

To make the tax preparation easier, it is important to have a good bookkeeping system and copies of receipts to substantiate all your expenses for your business. If you unfortunately get selected for an IRS audit, they will be looking for receipts and records.

Have you been keeping a good bookkeeping and receipt system? If not, I can help with that also. I can provide you with an all-in-one services package that will include your bookkeeping and tax preparation. Why go to someone for bookkeeping and then someone else for tax services? Get all your services done by me.

In A Rush?

I can pick up your required documents needed to prepare your return and then bring them back once your return is completed. I make the tax preparation experience as convenient as possible for you.

The tax preparation service you will receive will be like none you have experienced before and at an affordable

Don’t overpay somewhere else and then receive some of the worst customer service you can imagine. At other places you are just “another return.” At BM Accounting and Tax, Inc. you are a person which deserves the best possible tax preparation experience and service in the Chicago area and Suburbs.

Contact me on the form below today for a *FREE* review of your tax situation.